Ego Trips #851: Village – Nothing Between Us (Digital, Origami Sound, 2014)

A Regular guest on our blog in the past, Village returns after a hiatus from production, having musically evolved just as much as our tastes have during his absence, with a glorious combination of melodic stabs, pad work and a wonderfully layered drum line, “Nothing Between Us” got our attention.

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Ego Trips #848: Coleco ‘Conduit’ (Digital, Self Released, 2014)


Conduit is a spacey, melody driven half time Drum & Bass track by Bristolian producer Coleco. You can download it for free at Inflect Audio‘s bandcamp store.

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Videos: submerse ‘Approaching Ends’ Official Video (Slow Waves – Project: Mooncircle / flau, 2014)

New video for the song “Approaching Ends” by submerse. His debut full length “Slow Waves” was released last week on Project: Mooncircle / flau.

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Releases: Jabu ‘Kwaidan’ (12″ LP/Digital – RAMP, 2014)


Bristol based Amos Childs and Alex Rendall break away from their multi-faceted Young Echo collective with their project Jabu. Here they release their EP Kwaidan on UK imprint Ramp Recordings. The collaboration-heavy release represents interplay between US East coast hip-hop and Bristol’s soundsystem aesthetics. Opening cut ‘Untitled’ sets the dark scene with some unsettling Japanese dialogue, before the moody, grained rhyming of ‘Chamber’ follows on. The spacious ‘Don’t Fall Down’ brings in the vocals of Jasmine with ‘Empty Days’ and ‘Limousine’ drawing on a similarly baron sonic landscape with despondent lyrics on top.

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Releases: Colo ‘UR’ (12″ LP/Digital – Ki Records, 2014)


Colo‘s debut album on Ki Records. The structure of ‘UR’ has been carefully considered to form a cohesive listening experience, while colo’s production aesthetic is the glue that binds the tracks together, giving them licence to explore a plethora of musical ideas and tangents.

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Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #042 – July 2014: “The Song Is You” by Anenon

Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #042 – July 2014: “The Song Is You” by Anenon

Finest Ego _ Monthly Mix #42 - July 2014_ _The Song Is You_ by Anenon


It is late July and we already passed the summer peak. Just in time we have a new mix, this time by Anenon. The LA native will release his marvelous new album “Sagrada” in late September via his own label Non Projects, which we have been very fond of for quite some time now.

“As with most of my mixes this is a selection of current favorites (Claude Speeed, Bun & Hidenka, etc) and a few older tunes that have come back into rotation. Terje Rypdal’s “Last Nite,” which scores part of Michael Mann’s film Heat, has crept back into rotation and become my go to soundtrack for these hot L.A. summer nights. Can’t say enough good things about Bun’s singular Japanese production style at this point. Just listen. Closing out the set is a portion of a live performance from Toronto – a grand piano improvisation recorded live at The Music Gallery back in a frozen February.”

Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp | TwitterNon Projects


01. Braxton Sings The Song Is You (YouTube Rip)
02. Claude Speeed – Tiger Woods (LuckyMe)
03. Autechre – Lost (Ambient Intro Edit) (Warp)
04. Terje Rypdal – Last Nite (ECM)
05. GB ft. Ricci Rucker – The Black Monolith (Sound In Color)
06. Laurel Halo – Chance Of Rain (Hyperdub)
07. Bun & Hidenka – Munenonakano Core (Black Smoker Records)
08. Afterhours – Night And Day (Not Not Fun)
09. Raum – Event Of Your Leaving (Glass, House)
10. Jimmy Giuffre And Andre Jaume – Eiffel (Hat Hut)
11. Anenon – IA – Live In Toronto (Non Projects)

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Ego Trips #847: Slow Magic – Hold Still (How To Run Away, Forthcoming on Downtown Records, September 9th 2014)

Beautiful track by Slow Magic.

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